The Hunter Ultra Plus

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Tested to 100 wash cycles.

The Hunter Ultra Plus is the World's Most Protective, Most Sustainable Face Cover.

Introduced to 15 countries across every industry.

Passes EN14683 testing methods for :

  • - Bacterial Filtration efficiency > 98% (Type II)
  • - Fluid resistance of 160 Hg/mm (R)
  • - Water / Fluid repellency tested up to 100 washes
  • - Machine Washable up to 100 times
  • - Antibacterial properties

We listened to feedback and made several improvements

Now comes in Medium & Large Fit

Nose bridge to prevent glasses steaming up

Ear Toggles and adjustable cord length

Fully customisable in colour and logo

Key Features Of The Hunter Ultra Plus

Fluid Resistant & Antibacterial

Designed to meet and exceed World Health Organisation guidelines. The Hunter Ultra Plus has been designed with 3 layers including both fluid resistant and antibacterial layers.

Through wearer feedback, the Hunter Ultra Plus is the next generation of the original Hunter Ultra Face Cover. 

The Hunter Ultra Plus range includes a new Medium size to ensure a comfortable and professional look for your entire workforce.

Ear Loop Toggles For A Comfortable Fit

We have added ear loop toggles to both the Medium & Large sizes of The Hunter Ultra Plus. This ensures a comfortable, secure and safe fit regardless of head size or shape. 

The Hunter Ultra Plus can also be manufactured to fit teenagers and children. 

Nose Bridge preventing condensation on Glasses whilst improving comfortability

The nose guard was included to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all wearers. This also provides a seal to prevent glasses from steaming up and causing distraction and irritation.

Some of the Organisations currently using the Hunter Ultra Plus

Customisable to Reflect Corporate Image

Customisable Logo

Face covers can be customised with a print of the corporate logo or branding.

Customisable  Base 

Face covers can be customised to reflect your corporate colours with exact pantone match available.

Customisable Nose Bridge 

The nose bridge can be customised to reflect any secondary colours.


Each day in the UK alone, 53 million masks are disposed of. This has turned into a global crisis office masks being dumped in the sea or reaching landfills.

The Hunter Ultra Plus has been designed to directly address this issue.

Every Hunter Ultra Plus used prevents at least 99 disposable masks from being disposed of because of its 100 wash cycle design.

Organisations across the globe are now seeing the value of moving to the Hunter Ultra Plus in support of their sustainability values and wearer comfort.

Wearer Comfort

One of the major issues with disposable masks is regarding the comfort of the product. 

The Hunter Ultra Plus is available for purchase in two sizes, medium and large.

 Alongside the adjustable toggles, these sizes allow for flexibility to ensure that each user feels comfortable whilst wearing the face cover. 

The Hunter Ultra Plus Can Be Used In Any Industry

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Comes in a pack of 5.

£20.94 Inc. Vat

For 500+ units or if you require a logo on your Hunter Ultra Plus please click to request a quotation for a personalised quote.

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